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The Long and Winding Road for Democracy in Egypt Part 14

Rebels at the Gates: Egypt rebounds again

Remember Remember the 4th of December when the president of Egypt flees for his life from the Palace backdoors guarded by his motorcade and armed guards. We have witnessed the first incumbent and elected president in modern day Egyptian history flees the scene and his palace after just 6 months of his election. Egyptians once more rise again and prove to the whole world that they will not stand idle in face of creating new modern day fascism in Egypt.

Remember Remember the 5th of December when the Muslim Brotherhood and Islamists hordes attacked the peaceful encampment around the palace and bashed women and men indiscriminately with machetes, sticks and firearms. The massacre that shocked the nation turned the peaceful Cairo’s neighbourhood of Heliopolis into a battle zone for the first time in its 100 year’s history.

Remember Remember the 7th of December when the freedom fighters of Egypt rallied again in most Egyptian cities to protest against Morsi’s dictatorial regime and his Islamists militias and made sure their voices are heard against the voices of fascism and tyranny.

Remember Remember the 25th of December when the news of the approval of a new illegitimate constitution is approved and a day that witnessed Egypt entering the year 2013 with a constitution befitting a small European medieval kingdom.

Morsi’s assault against the Egyptian state:

Morsi’s regime has caused a path of destruction in Egypt which descended into unprecedented state of chaos that was hardly been witnessed in its modern history and here is in short a summary of his misdeeds:

1-Since he was sworn in, Morsi has applied a gloves-are-off tactic against anyone or any entity that he or his obscure Muslim Brotherhood group deem threatening to their plans for full control of the Egyptian state. Morsi started by the army commanders and devised the most theatrical of maneuvers to oust SCAF from the scene and capitalized on the murder of 16 innocent Egyptian soldiers and blamed it entirely on the army commanders despite evidence leads that among the assailants are those who he already pardoned by presidential decree just days before the attack from prison sentences and his allies Hamas in Gaza knows their whereabouts and their identities.

Morsi capitalized on the devastating incident and ousted both Field Marshall Tantawi and Deputy Anan in a constitutional declaration that overrides the one SCAF have issued prior to the announcement of the Presidential elections results. He overturned the same declaration he was sworn in upon and ironically this move was applauded naively by the many figures of the opposition. The same opposition that gullibly believed that Morsi is attempting to oust any form of military intervention in the political spectrum and they supported that move while what was Morsi really attempting was consolidating his power as it will be explained further.

2-The second assault was on the judiciary system in the form of a new edict (Constitutional declaration) through which Morsi unconstitutionally appointing a new General Attorney Mostafa Talaat and ousted illegitimately the former one Adbel Mageed Mahmoud in a feat that was never done in the history of Egyptian Judiciary system yet he still possess the audacity to claim that he is keen on the separation of powers on one hand and on the other hand destroying the fabric of the Egyptian Judiciary system and the prestigious Egyptian Constitutional Court. Morsi himself accused members of the Constitutional court of plotting against him despite the fact that without their approval of presidential elections’ results he won’t be in the position he is now.

3-The third assault was on the Media starting by shutting down several networks Like Dream TV and El Faraeen owned by anchor Tawfik Okasha.At the same down Curbing down the freedom of expression became the popular sport for the Presidential office that started to sue newspapers for criticizing the president. It is becoming a popular sport of the Muslim Brotherhood and their allies figure to wage verbal wars on all the opposition and label them as heretics, atheists and infidels for criticizing the Islamists. At the same time witch hunting almost every liberal media anchor on the scene by lawsuits and verbal defamation and occasionally physical violence.

4-  Breaking his election campaign promise. Morsi insisted on keeping the controversial Islamist dominated constitution writing committee and despite the resignations from all opposition figures and the Christian churches, he insisted on going forward through the referendum to avoid an expected constitutional court ruling against this illegitimate committee. For the first time in history a committee that were given 2 months to discuss the constitution decided to wrap it all up in 48 hours and present it to the president to order a new referendum within two weeks.

5-For the first time in Egyptian Modern history the approved new constitution imposes a new reality and identity on the Egyptian state and threatens to turn the Egyptian national state into an Islamic state foregoing all the basic principles of nationhood and Egyptian national pride that ruled Egypt for thousands of years. By enacting this new constitution Morsi list of unfulfilled election campaign promises’ receives a new addition, whereby he promised to reshuffle and reselect a new balance constitution writing commission which he ignored to do and in fact it was his Islamists alliance who wrote the entire constitution. This constitution is the most divisive, anti-human rights and sectarian constitution ever written in Egypt’s modern history and it definitely fails to protect personal freedoms and the rights of Christians and other minorities.

6-Meanwhile, the Sinai Peninsula is in total chaos since Morsi took power. Islamist militants are dominating villages and towns in the North of Sinai and the army efforts in that area are curbed by the tight relation between Hamas and the President’s own Muslim Brotherhood being their franchise in Gaza. Weapons and other goods are still smuggled daily from and to Gaza with Hamas controlling these tunnels across the border. Aside from the rampage caused by the Militants which resulted in the Killing of 16 Egyptian soldier in one terrorist attack in August, the same militant groups are terrorizing the Christians in North of Sinai and many families had to evacuate their homes in fear for their lives. On Morsi’s watch Egypt is losing grip on its own territories as a result of political maneuvers by the current regime. Shouldn’t the nation take further steps in protecting its own territory, Egypt will lose grip eventually on Sinai and it will turn into an uncontrollable territory like Waziristan in Pakistan.

7-Other cities in Egypt like Cairo, Alexandria and Suez are still suffering from lawlessness and lack of security. Islamists are trying to form a sort of Islamist Sharia Police to force people into abiding with their own beliefs according to their own understanding. The President never condemned publicly these actions and his regime is implying their approval because they wish to guarantee the Islamist votes be that the Jihadists or the Salafis to be on their side. It’s becoming a norm to witness some obscure sheikhs swearing at liberal public figures artists , journalist and media anchors and labeling them as blasphemous and heretics in tones befitting medieval clergy not a 21st century modern country.

8-It’s becoming a normal scene that Islamist thugs attack any secular or non-Islamist protests in broad day light and always get away with it. The violence even reached the Judges and the head of the Judges Club was assaulted and injured by thugs to intimidate him and his group to end his Club’s suspension of the Courts operations till Morsi retracts from appointing illegitimately a new General Attorney and the other terms of his dictatorial edict.

9-Christians, women, minorities and even mainstream Muslims feel less secure under the blatant infringements of law under Morsi’s reign and sectarianism has reached unprecedented levels of sectarianism and divisiveness s. The president has more than once implied during his many speeches during Friday prayers that his opposition are people who don’t pray addressing his speech to his own followers instead of the broad spectrum of Egyptians. Morsi’s threatening tone in his speeches against opposition resembles a Stalinist model of dictatorship like Qaddafi and Saddam Hussein.

10-Egyptian Economy took its worst hit in a decade during the first 6 months of Morsi. During these months the internal debt of Egypt rose above 100 Billion Egyptian Pounds (14 Billion USD). Added to this Morsi’ regime are seeking Loans from IMF and several world banks and financial institutions amounting another 16 Billion USD in total. These loans would represent a huge burden on the future generations who will be left with a pile of debts. Also they are much more than Mubarak regime borrowed at least in the last decade of his rule if not his entire reign.

Moreover, Over 1500 factories and mills are still closed and Tourism is having its worst season in a decade with less than 25% occupancy rates in most Egyptian Hotels at the height of the touristic season denying Egypt of over 14 Billion USD in revenue that were highly needed. Egyptians can thank the rampant Islamists and their threats against tourism and touristic locations in Egypt for that. Added to the above the complacency of Morsi’s Islamist regime and government who have sent all the wrong messages to tourism by endorsing the harsh controversial statements from Islamist leaders and sheikhs that stirs further uprisings in Egypt.

11-  The fiscal situation of Egypt is reaching alarming levels with more than half of the Egyptian National reserve already spent in the past 2 years and especially the past 6 years. The devaluation of the Egyptian pound against other currencies will add further burdens on Egyptians in the upcoming months and years since Egypt still imports 60% of its needs from international sources and 40% of its food consumption is imported.  Furthermore, the increase in prices of Electricity, Gas and Foodstuffs within the last 6 months have been staggering and have affected Egyptians of all income levels. To make things worse, Prime minister Kandeel’s Government have proposed a bill with huge tax increases and the worst of its kind in recent history which was withheld temporarily by the president after stirring much violence as a result of this bill.

12- The quality of life in Egyptian cities has been deteriorating steadily in the past 6 months with power outages and water shortages reaching occasionally even in the richer neighborhoods. Added to the garbage and waste collections have been erratic and the current government has been unable to solve the wages problems that they promised during Morsi’s campaign. The so called “Nahda” project or “Renaissance” has been proven time and again an election campaign hoax to attract the masses and it’s becoming a laughing stock in Egyptian media every day.

13-Muslim brotherhood and Islamists now in control of 80% of the upper house council which now have the legislative power as a result of the referendum and thus holding the entire country main powers in the hands of the president and his Islamists allies led by the Muslim Brotherhood. This upper house council that was elected by 6% of eligible voters in Egypt in the lowest turnout since the revolution is tasked according to the new constitution with the legislative powers.  1/3 of this upper house is appointed by the Islamist president. Despite the above, the upper house council proposed a new elections law that diminishes the women role and participation in elections. Women represent over 50% of the eligible voters’ constituency that is to say those who were voted by 6% of eligible voters try to diminish the rights of over 50% of eligible voters. This is a situation that cannot be acceptable after a revolution that was aimed for further freedoms.

14- Within 6 months Morsi managed to exasperate a huge sector of Egyptians including some devoted voters of his camp and alienate everyone short of his Islamist camp which is witnessing some divisions within itself especially between Muslim Brotherhood and the more conservative Salafi groups.

International Media coverage of the Egyptian Political Crisis: 

The international media haven’t treated the second wave of protests with the appropriate coverage throughout the last 3 months of the 2012. With the exception of a few media outlets and fewer foreign correspondents most reports show that the USA and many EU countries press and networks aren’t reflecting the whole truth and just relying on sources mostly of the governing body and their Freedom and Justice Party (Brotherhood Political Arm) and neglecting many others.

Most western mediate outlets somehow have deliberately or in deliberately fell victims for the false perception that what’s happening in post revolution Egypt is an actual democracy. The reports issued in dozens of periodicals have not condemned the actions of Muslim Brotherhood elements and on top of them President Morsi especially when it concerned the massacre of Ittihadiya presidential palace against protestors and the massive rigging that took place during the constitution referendum.

These media outlets might be still under the spell that Morsi have managed just weeks ago to forge a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas which seemed to be more than a welcomed move by the Obama administration and hence that perception that he is a peace maker, have clouded their judgment on what happened just the next day from brokering this ceasefire by issuing the dictatorial edict by which he grasped all the authority and powers in his own hands. However, the complete opposite of this perception is what’s happening in Egypt, Egypt during Morsi’s reign  is moving on a steady pace towards a single serving one time use democracy that enabled Islamist to take power with the blessings of the Obama administration and have been moving since towards a first class fascism.

Moreover, some media outlets in western countries are under perception that the elections or referendums taking place in Egypt are similar to their counterparts in the Western European and North American countries or in traditional democratic countries like India or Japan. The fact is that the tools of democracy are being abused in Egypt by the Islamist parties like Freedom and Justice Party and their allies to secure victories by all means necessary. These parties are now utilizing fascists means that is endangering the entire country.

These methods include intimidation, bribes, coercion, fake ballot cards, pre-marked cards and biased monitors in ballot stations. Other tactics including prevention of certain groups of citizens like Christian Copts in some remote villages in the south from voting at gunpoint are similar to what happened in the previous presidential elections. Furthermore , tactics included methods to repel voters from participation include long hours queues to sway impatient voters in areas that are known to vote against Islamists like posh districts in Heliopolis, Zamalek , Maadi as well as similar ones in major  cities like Cairo, Giza and Alexandria.  Queues that can block entire streets and last for 6-8 hours were common in the last constitution referendum and it affected the turnout of the outcome of the voters’ percentage which reached less than 1/3 of eligible voters. Among those, many who couldn’t stand in the long queues especially the elderly and senior citizens who couldn’t stand for too long in the cold winter weather.

This method nicknamed by Egyptian opposition media as “Queues of Death” have sparked anger and riots especially it occasionally involved pro-Islamist judges who intentionally stalled the queues for hours with excuses ranging from Prayer times all the way to lack of phosphoric ink and ballot cards.

Last but not least, the boycotting of 91% of Egyptian judges from monitoring this illegitimate referendum was due to the assault from the Morsi’s regime who overstepped his boundaries against the entire judiciary system. This boycotting have already rendered the results of this referendum unconstitutional and not to be abides with despite opposite claims from  Morsi’s camp. Furthermore, as a consequence for this boycotting, pro-Morsi Islamist judges overlooked and occasionally participated in the massive riggings of this referendum according to documented reports and complaints by NGOs and citizens alike.

The remaining 9% with predominantly Pro-Morsi judges have mostly looked the other way on the breaches of all elections laws taking place in front of them and much to their some of them were seen to disrupt and sway the voters towards a “Yes” vote to the Islamist constitution. All of this not counting the endless Islamist propaganda utilizing government run mosques particularly in rural areas to persuade the uneducated voters that voting  “Yes” for the Islamist constitution guarantees their entrance to heaven and voting “No” is a blasphemy and guaranteed way for entering Hell. This may seem quite bizarre but unfortunately it’s the reality on the ground in what is becoming the Egyptian new brand of democracy which contradicts all the democratic traditions worldwide.

All of these violations and infringements of all laws have been mostly ignored by the media especially concerning the latest referendum for constitution which have witnessed riggings far beyond anything that could have happened during Mubarak’s regime and have been documented by video footage, reports and incriminating documents.  The same denial was done by the elections high committee during their press conference denying any accusations of fraud or riggings despite the reports and videos that proves these incidents. The mostly pro-Islamist and pro-Morsi committee unsurprisingly announced the vote that the referendum was approved by the nation despite all the indications that proved otherwise.

And finally, the final output is a constitution that was approved by 1/5th of the Egyptian Eligible voters and 1/9th of the Egyptian population despite the massive riggings and yet many domestic International media outlets call this preposterous fiasco a democracy.

Liberal Egyptian Media reaction to the crisis: 

It seemed to many that broadcasting a live feed from a mental asylum in Cairo would not be very different from the content being broadcasted on daily basis on some of the Liberal TV networks hosting Islamist extremists. However, some liberal media outlets started in light of the political crisis to curb the number of Islamist political figures to a minimum. They realized too late the grave mistakes of hosting extremists and fascist Islamist political figures on their networks and papers. These political figures included bigoted radical and controversial Islamist cleric Hazem Abou Ismail whose militias called “Hazemoon” have been wreaking havoc in Cairo streets by attacking opposition parties’ Headquarters as well as besieging public buildings including Media Production City where a large number of the studios for satellite TV and networks in Egypt and Middle East are located.  It’s been reported that Hazem Abou Ismail had over 54 broadcast hours mostly on the Liberal TV networks who helped him turn from being an obscure and marginal cleric into a household name. Liberal TV networks still and will pay the bill for the political gullibility in the foreseen future for they have overlooked most of the real liberal minds in Egypt and searched for flashy substance to attract the audience and devoid of constructive content that present an enlightening message to the audience.

Despite the above, there are still some who commit the same mistakes of broadcasting cheap thrill factors and wider audience at any price aiming for profit and not a proper message. Yet, a good number of independent media anchors are now in a path of redemption for themselves especially for those who contributed to the present day situation. Those who were used as a bridge for Islamists to cross for the seat of power under pretext of freedom of expression now expose the misdeeds of the Muslim Brotherhood and their crimes of the past and present on almost daily basis. They are trying to curb the power of the monster they helped unleash.

The stories about the breaking out of the Muslim brotherhood from prisons during revolution with the assistance of Palestinian Hamas group elements are being discussed now with more focus on the cases that SCAF chose to ignore throughout their year and half rule of Egypt. Other stories surfacing about the involvement of Muslim Brotherhood elements and their Islamists a militant during what is known as the “Battle of the Camel” on February 2nd 2011 which resulted in numerous casualties are being investigated and discussed now.
The Islamists didn’t sit idle and launched massive smearing campaigns as well as endless lawsuits against most anchors and journalist criticizing them. The aim was to strike fear in the hearts of their opponents. Even the Presidential office shamefully got involved in law suits filed against some newspapers. All the forms of a fascist regime in the making are being manifested on daily basis since Morsi’s reign of initiated.

However, these actions by Muslim Brotherhood and Islamists didn’t deter the brave ones among anchors who started revealing what they mistakenly hid for months from public. For instance, the prominent journalist and anchor Ibrahim Eissa who clearly stated on the 31st of December in his daily talk show on El Kahira wal Nas network which stands for “Cairo&People” , that former minister of interior post revolution Mansour El Essawy informed him personally that Muslim Brotherhood elements are the ones who orchestrated torching over 90 police stations nationwide on 28th January 2011 and stormed several Prisons in order to break out their own members as well as other Islamists and endless numbers of criminals in the streets to create chaos in the country. It took the likes of Eissa long months to  blatantly uncover this critical information which if known earlier the whole path of the post revolution period would have changed. This information was never confirmed by SCAF earlier or any official media outlet short of the controversial TV anchor Tawfik Okasha .

Okasha who though ironically been called a madman and a joker by his critics due to his eccentric nature and endless conspiracy theories has presented many facts that time has proven to be true about the Muslim Brotherhood and Islamist plots in Egypt post the revolution and the involvement of international parties like Qatar and USA regimes in some of its implementations. Such information is turning the tables on the Muslim Brotherhood and the regime and the involvement of elements of Hamas and Muslim Brotherhood in breaking out of prisoners on the 28th of January 2011 gets confirmed by more people including Islamists by the day.

Other media anchors are using the comic relief approaches to expose the Islamists tyranny and harshly criticize the president and the regime. On top of those is Dr. Bassem Youssef a former heart Surgeon and comedy talk show host on the same pattern as the famous Daily Show by Jon Stewart. His show “El Barnameg” or “The Program” in its second season has become an instant nationwide massive success.

Like many others Youssef undermined and played down the clear and present danger the Islamists represented. He went even further to trivialize future dangers on the freedoms in Egypt. However, in an act of redemption Dr. Youssef on weekly basis continues to throw punches on Islamists and stripping them of their fake halo he and others helped in creating. He is exposing their lies, unfulfilled promises and deception in a mature comic manner that has turned the show to  be become the most watched weekly TV show in Egypt nowadays.

Evidently, many anchors are on a road of redemption for their role as the devil’s advocate, being revolutionary-than-thou and mostly unintentional propaganda for the current Islamists in power throughout the transitional period before Morsi controversially elected as president. These anchors and journalists realized too late that they helped a fascist-like regime to rise to power. They also realized that fascists have no friends or allies except their very own tight niche and media outlets are becoming their first target and victims. And though these anchors and journalists have been warned that they were paving the way for the Islamists success and rise to power but they chose to ignore these warnings. However, right now most them feel threatened enough to do whatever they can to preserve their hard earned freedom of expression.

Egyptian Opposition and revolutionaries falling in the same traps repeatedly:

It is noteworthy to mention that without the extreme gullibility of the opposition against Morsi, the Muslim brotherhood wouldn’t have attained the position of power and domination they are enjoying at the moment. Unfortunately, the same group that mostly form what is known as “National Salvation Coalition” headed by prominent politicians like Former Presidential Nominees Amro Moussa, Hamadeen Sabahy and Dr. Mohamed El Baradei were directly responsible for leading the voters for either electing incumbent President Morsi against his opponent Ahmed Shafiq or boycotting the elections and calling all voters to do the same which eventually led to Morsi’s controversial victory.

Redeeming themselves on supporting Morsi and calling for protests against Morsi’s Muslim Brotherhood regime and Islamist government, was the way to express The National Salvation Coalition regret of endorsing a fascist-like group nominee against Shafiq whom they believed represented the Mubarak older regime. However, even during their vehement efforts to curb the Islamists domination and on politics dissent and disagreements are still ruling the coalition activities. They still fall in the same traps set by Islamists to disintegrate their unity and show of force that manifested itself in the November and December 2012 massive uprising against Morsi’s regime. Again as usual the indecisive coalition couldn’t capitalize on the motion and anger on the ground to press for real democracy and shun the dictatorial edicts and actions of the president. Instead of remaining vigilant against voting in the referendum like their initial decision, a few days prior to  the referendum they changed their stance on the account that  they have enough information from several Egyptian districts that the referendum will be rejected by Egyptians andcalled Egyptians to go and vote “NO".

That amateurish political decision not only did confuse and split the vote of the anti-Morsi camp but also led to giving some legitimacy to an already illegitimate referendum. Furthermore, it shifted the momentum of the protests towards a political process that is guided, monitored and rigged by the Islamists themselves. The NSC overlooked the fact that the same people they are protesting against are the same ones who are monitoring the referendum and managed to rig it blatantly in broad daylight.

Accordingly, legitimizing their actions by participating in that political sham was another mistake which misled and created a diversion among their own supporters by rushing into succumbing to Morsi’s insistence on carrying on the referendum by expressing willingness to participate. Also, this move represented a backstab to the members of the Egyptian Judges Club whom took the most noble decision of not monitoring this charade.

Having not learned their lesson yet, it’s still unsurprising that the opposition is now rallying for parliamentary elections which without international monitors will witness the same type of rigging and biased monitoring by pro-Morsi judges’ .

No reassurances whatsoever from Morsi’s government were given to ensure the fairness of the upcoming parliamentary elections except for the hollow words of Morsi’s regime. What’s worse that the Islamists are vowing to take the parliament by all means necessary regardless of the methods which have been proven unorthodox in every single election. If politicians cannot learn from their mistakes regardless how righteous those politicians are, then they are unfit to lead a nation and unfortunately that is the case with most of the opposition in Egypt. It’s not enough to be noble in politics, a politician must be crafty, visionary smart and able to lead efficiently. Most importantly a real politician cannot fall in the same trap twice.

Finally, it’s also noteworthy to mention that the same complaints from infringements and rigging have tainted the presidential elections itself but they were overlooked by many figures of the opposition in the NSC because it served their purpose and they never blew the whistle on the massive riggings that also took place back then. Many of the current members were in an alliance with the Islamists to block the victory of former Nominee Ahmed Shafiq even if it meant through looking the other way to the same riggings they are complaining about now.


In a very famous American Sitcom “Seinfeld” a conniving character by the name of George Constanza brilliantly played by famous comedian Jason Alexander used to repeat a famous phrase which goes “ “Remember it’s not a lie if you believe it” Apparently the Muslim brotherhood are following this motto to the letter and are twisting the facts on the ground to match their irrational behavior.  Part of believing their lies are that they are the ones who mobilized the masses in the first revolution in January 25th 2011 and they were surprised on December 2012 that they are not really the only ones who can mobilize the nation with their Islamist allies. That myth that they are the only one who can rally masses was debunked on December 2012.

Furthermore, the Masonic hierarchy of the Muslim Brotherhood resembles to a great extent that of the International organized crime groups and syndicates like the Italian Mafia, the Japanese Yakuza and the Chinese Triads. They all operate within the shadow of society and run an underground economy of billions of dollars each year. That has been their way to counter the governmental supervision on their illegal activities. Once in the lights of politics and public services, Muslim Brotherhood couldn’t overcome their 83 years tradition of secrecy and subterfuge practices. The only difference between organized crime syndicates and Islamists like Muslim brotherhood groups is that the former are motivated by the accumulated wealth and power that their activity brings while Islamists add the religious zeal to that mix. . Ironically, Muslim Brotherhood despite having its member as a president in office is still officially a banned group and has no official entity as a charity or social organization according to the Egyptian law  They are more than willing to go all the way to protect the interests of the group whatever that takes .The 1940s&1950s assassinations and bombings by the Brotherhood and later by their Islamist groups’ franchises in the 1970s till 1990s still bear witness of how far the group is willing to go to implement its plans.

The opposition figures who once allied with Islamists like many members of the NSC and others who trusted their vows paid a hefty price despite repeating many of the same mistakes again by trying to pretend to be either impartial or too rational. The sad fact of life is that no righteous politician can be rational with fascism and no righteous journalist can be impartial against tyranny.
Furthermore, whatever blood that the Egyptian revolution spared during its first 18 days , it has continuously spilled for 2 years afterwards and unfortunately it will continue to do till all forms of tyranny and fascism are vanished from Egypt. Pandora’s Box is open now and there is no turning back. SCAF followed by Morsi’s regime have driven the country to a cliff edge but much to the surprise of both , most Egyptians are not willing to go back to any form of tyranny in the future. The die is cast even if the Islamists are still under the illusion that they have the country by the neck right now.

A president in charge of a nation is officially responsible for everything politically and economically happening during his term whether he was part of it or not .Otherwise, he shouldn’t nominate himself for the position in the first place. No further excuses can be acceptable for the ruined economy, social disintegration, sectarianism, poverty and violence that are taking place under Morsi’s watch. Morsi never delivered a single promise except ousting the military from the political scene which worked in his and his group’s favour in the first place.

Thanks to the massive riggings of the constitution referendum by the Muslim Brotherhood affiliated regime, Egypt that was once an oasis of stability in a turbulent Middle East will embrace a new era of instability and violence in the upcoming period courtesy of President Morsi and his Muslim Brotherhood group. Unfortunately, the brotherhood won’t have had that kind of momentum without the blatant endorsement of the Obama administration and the coordination with the Egyptian military who handed them the power to avert a confrontation with violence that some Islamist leaders threatened to commit if their candidate Morsi loses in the elections to presidential nominee Ahmed Shafiq.

Slowly Muslim Brotherhood group is realizing that they have committed a historical and fatal mistake by nominating a president post revolution. The old saying “be careful what you wish for you might get it” is manifested here. Muslim Brotherhood halo before the revolution as the ones possessing the key to all solutions have disappeared even faster than most optimists would have expected. Their holier-than-thou key figures are stripped of their sheen and false pious looks into and the real face behind the mask is uncovered.
Morsi and his Kandeel government seem to resemble cult movements like Heaven’s Gate religious sect founded by Marshall Applewhite and Bonnie Nettles. In 1997, Applewhite promised his followers salvation and heaven by boarding an alien ship that will take them to heaven and the only way to board is by committing suicide to catch up with the ship that is close to the earth orbit.. Over 39 members of the cult committed suicide in the biggest mass suicide act in USA History. Evidently, Morsi and Kandeel are leading the country in the same pattern promising salvation and heaven but actually driving the country to a mass suicide economically and socially. Their vision to revive the Egyptian Economy or lack of it will eventually lead Egypt to an inevitable bankruptcy like the Argentinian  bankruptcy disaster of 2001.

Moreover, it’s unfathomable that socialists and many liberals were and still not willing to reconcile with the former regime figures especially the ones without a  track record of political and financial corruption yet they were more than willing to compromise and even endorse Islamists with a long track of violence and acts of terrorism. This political gullibility especially within the National Salvation Coalition camp was enough for Islamists to smoothly surf on the wave of the revolution and sideline all the non-Islamists from the political decision making seats. The constitution writing committee was a blatant manifestation of the axing of any Non-Islamists political figure and if that will not represent a hard lesson to them than nothing will.

Egyptians have allowed adventurers and political amateurs to lead the scene, be that Islamists or other glory seekers for too long. Maybe it’s time to take their country back in their own hands and findreal visionaries who can lead their nation .Regardless of whether it will take months or years to make the necessary change, the road is long but there is no alternative on changing the path Egypt is being led to by Morsi’s regime. The sooner the opposition leaders believe that Morsi’s legitimacy has vanquished the sooner they will start acting more vehemently and gather more support for their just cause.

25th of January 2013 will be another crossroad for the Egyptians to choose their way either to succumb to tyranny for several decades or to choose Freedom and demand their lawful rights and changing the path that the current regime is taking. Mohamed Morsi breached his oath multiple times within 6 months and becoming more of a fascist dictator than an elected president. Morsi has one chance to redeem himself by calling for an early election which is a perfectly democratic method used in all countries with a legacy of democracy to resolve a political crisis.

The road is still long for democracy in Egypt but where there is a will there is a way.

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